Flight Simulator Scenery Snapshot – FSCubed v2.0 USD$11.18

Flight Simulator Scenery Snapshot – FSCubed v2.0 USD$11.18

Flight Simulator Scenery Snapshot – FSCubed v2.0 USD$11.18

Flight Simulator Scenery Snapshot – FSCubed v2.0

Never reinstall all your add-on scenery again after a simulator installation! SDG now made this possible!

There is absolutely no doubt that most simmers are in love with virtual aviation because of that rush of enjoyment that accompanies being in command of an aircraft on today’s advanced and immersive simulators. The only problem is having to deal with file corruptions, crashes, sudden errors and simulator stutters and slow downs which will force you to reinstall your simulator along with all your scenery add-ons.

FSCubed is the easiest and most effective way to restore your add-on scenery to it’s original state after simulator corruption or a windows crash that demanded a simulator reinstall. And it is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. It is currently available and certified by our testers for FSX Acceleration/SP2, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3d (P3D) V2.x
So, if you have lots of add-on scenery on your flight simulator, then FSCubed is definitely for you.

Features & Information
* Available for FSX Acceleration/SP2, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2.x and v3.x
* A new variation of FSCubed for new compatible flight simulator versions will be made available shortly after that flight simulator version is released.
* As easy to use as a few mouse clicks
* Automatic Flight simulator path and add-on scenery associated files detection wherever these files may be on your computer
* 50 to 60% Compression of total original scenery size in one snapshot file that is easy to store in a safe place
* Collects all add-on scenery and associated files from any where on your computer including effects and sounds
* Restores all add-on scenery to the new flight simulator instance/installation of the same type and version no matter where it was originally stored on your computer at the time the snapshot was taken
Restores all your scenery and settings in %35 to %45 of the time that was taken to store the snapshot file
* FSCubed v2.0 is now enhanced and able to truly migrate scenery from one version of simulator to the newer one, like in the case of moving from FSX to FSX Steam Edition, or even from FSX to Prepar3D. However, it will not be able to correct problems that come out of simulator technology differences between these simulators such as missing lights in some products.
* Support for this product includes email, Skype and remote desktop assistance in case of occurrence of any storing or restoring issues
* Some products will still need to be installed after restoration or migration using this version of FSCubed. These products are: All FSDT and Flight Beam Studio products, in addition to FTX Vector. All other ORBX product should work find as long as it is legal to use them.
* Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Download here)

* Download the installer for the P3D v4 component here

Download the manual here

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